Rottweiler Puppies For Sale in Oklahoma

This page provides a listing of Oklahoma Rottweiler Breeders. Please contact the breeders below to find Rottweiler puppies for sale in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma City, OK, United States

 Our lines are developed from the TOP European and German lines. Genetics, health and longevity  play a huge role in our breeding program and we pay close attention to what we are genetically producing.  For instance; eye color, muzzle length, mouth pigment,  bone substance, temperament,  working ability and conformation. A lot of research and careful consideration is given to each individual breeding to insure the best possible chance of a well bred puppy.

   All dogs in our program must pass OFA  hip certification and have multiple generations of GOOD or EXCELLENT in their pedigrees. We believe that the pedigree tells a lot of the story when choosing a breeding. It offers insight to what the offspring will potentially become. So starting with superior  adults increases the probability of producing superior puppies!

   We pride ourselves by making available top quality German Rottweiler puppies.  To better insure the health and mental soundness of our puppies we imprint them to a wide variety of experiences during their development. We socialize them to different creatures, children of all ages and to an array of noises and textures to help them have a great start. We have found that this makes for a more balanced and healthier adult.  Before leaving to their perspective homes they will be wormed and current on vaccinations with full health guarantees and breeder support for the life of the dog. We do require a puppy questionnaire to be filled out and an evaluation of any potential buyers to insure the best possible match for your new best friend.


We are a small family owned kennel located in Oklahoma. We have been raising Rottweilers since 1989. That’s 25 years of loving and learning the Rottweiler Breed!

It is our goal to help improve the quality of Rottweilers available in the US by providing the public with excellent quality Rottweilers who are bred under the premise of morality.

Tuttle, Oklahoma, United States

We are very excited to have the opportunity to share our family with each of you. Just over 20 years ago, I purchased my first Rottweiler as a pet. Shortly after I was convinced this was the most magnificent and intelligent breed I had ever encountered. For years I blessed Rottweilers into my life as pets. For the past several years I have been putting my 20 years exp. with the breed into producing German Rottweilers with the correct size, look, and temperament.

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