Are Rottweilers Good With Kids?

Rottweilers are good with kidsThe Rottweiler is normally known as a guard dog but it is still ranked as one of the friendliest dogs in the world. There are many misconceptions on this topic. An ideal Rottweiler is medium size, powerful and robust. It is black with conspicuous rust markings. This breed of dog naturally enjoys the company of children as well as of other household pets. They are normally self-confident, watchful and respond to stimuli with moderation rather than excitement. Its priority is always its family and it is not the type of dog that carelessly instigates interaction or play with strange dogs. A Rottweiler is also protective and loyal to its family and it typically displays suspicion of strangers, especially in homes. When provoked or feels that its family is threatened, it can quickly change from calm to assertive or aggressive. But are rottweilers good with Kids?

Rottweiler Puppies and Children

Even with a naturally calm puppy, kids need should be instructed about teaching their new pet. For instance, if your little Rottweiler growls when your child attempts to remove something from its mouth, that behavior should be eradicated. This is because the puppy is treating your kid as an equal or a littermate and in that case, the puppy should be taught that the behavior can not be tolerated. When training the puppy, a gentle but firm corrective command from you or the kid will work just fine toward building a firm family foundation. Your adorable puppy will no doubt grow to be a loyal and powerful dog. The males can weigh around 135 pounds while their female counterparts average 100 pounds. When you have a dog this huge and strong, you are morally obligated to dedicate some time for its obedience training as well as socialization. The more you do it, the better. Fortunately, Rottweilers are highly intelligent, sensitive and willing to please their friends or instructors. Therefore, you should search for a credible trainer especially one who understands and loves this breed, shortly after your puppy gets enough vaccinations to ensure that it can safely be exposed to various people, places or animals. Attending the group training sessions is a brilliant idea, since your puppy will sufficiently learn interacting with other people and dogs. In the group lessons, they learn to concentrate with you only, even with other distractions around it. Any puppy, not only a Rottweiler, should be healthy and well-bred before you adopt it into your treasured family. Similarly, young kids should be supervised always when playing with all kinds of breeds of puppies.

Rottweiler Training is Important

Rottweilers are renowned for being deployed in complex assignments ranging from therapy activities to police operations due to their high intelligence and submission. With regard to a family dog, these natural traits translate just fine since they describe it as an adaptable and obedient pet. Similarly, because of their natural tendency to please their friends, coupled with their protective trait, they can be trained to be aggressive or to be extra calm and tolerant especially to kids. It is imperative to correct the aggressive behavior in a puppy, so that it grows to be a calm adult. You should enroll your puppy to obedience lessons from a young age to instill basic obedience in it and to ensure that it properly socializes with other pets and people. This species of dogs is a descendant of the drover of ancient Rome. The mastiff-type, medium-size dogs escorted the Roman legions through the Alps, as they herded their herds of cattle and guarded their camps. There is no doubt that this is the reason why the Romans found the robust and powerful dogs as invaluable. Rottweilers are friendly family pets so long as the puppy is from reputable dog breeders who are dedicated to training and selecting them to match the desires of their prospective owners. For pet purposes, female puppies can often be best especially with young children and first-time dog owners since the females are a bit smaller and less aggressive. It is true that Rottweilers are good with kids but like any other breed nurturing and training your puppy correctly plays a big role.